Saturday, July 9, 2016

My New Hand Dyed and Hand Printed Fabric Design

Marie-Therese Wisniowski

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My new fabric design, AIVA, is based on my interpretation of traditional Indian floral pattern textile designs which I have translated into a new, unique and contemporary design.

Traditional Indian floral pattern design (India).

Using time honored hand dyeing and hand printing processes, the white cotton fabric was dyed and over dyed in green hues to produce a deep bottle green color. The next layer, the second layer, employed extensive block printing in a rich magenta metallic fabric paint over the entire four meter surface using repeat patterns. The block printing was repeated again on the third layer using a rich metallic gold fabric paint over the entire surface. These fine, organic, linear, background printed layers create a sense of movement and visual interest/depth to the base layers of the design.

AIVA (detail view).

To build up additional layers of complex imaging, contrast, visual depth and patterning to the first three layers, floral visuals were carefully re-designed based on ancient Indian pattern styles and cut into stencil templates. Using rich metallic and opaque fabric paints, six additional layers were overprinted using three stencil designs to create a multifaceted, rich textural surface imbued with movement over the entire four meter fabric length. Random pattern positioning techniques were employed. Colors included metallic blue, metallic green, metallic olive green, metallic gold, metallic magenta and opaque deep rose. The nine dyed and printed layers result in a fabric that is sumptuous, luscious and visually arresting!

AVIA (mid view).

The fabric and patterning in AIVA can be designed using colors of your choice to create a truly unique and individual statement. AIVA fabric lengths can be used for wearable art, accessories, quilts, furnishing and interior design projects.

AIVA (two meter length view).

Please email me - Marie-Therese - for further information.

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